A recap of holiday gifts. This year I decided to hand-make all of my gifts - it was a lot of work, but very rewarding, and I learned a lot.

First, lots of luggage tags for each of my americorps members and the ed staff team. I found the tutorial at Bernina Sewing.

My first zipper! A button bag for Annie. Isn't it just darling? It's the Love Bug clutch from craft leftovers.

Cute checkbook covers! Directions atCrazy Mom Quilts.

Matching Christmas aprons for mom & me. Cuuuuute. I made
this pattern up on my own. But wait! There's more! They're reversible.

My favorite - an apron for mon. My first shot at applique, and by now I have the ruffles down. Now she can make her cakies in totally personalized s-t-y-l-e! Also my own pattern.

And now that I'm settled in back in pvd, I tried out a recipe from my new Eating Well Magazine. It's from vermont, so you know it's good. Turkey & squash soup. Yum!

Happy crafting!

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  1. I have to tell you that I was tickled by your blog! Maybe sometime you can do a zipper demo... I love to sew, too but have never taught myself to do zippers so I'm pretty much limited to pillowcases! Love the aprons!!!


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