10 things in 2010

Adj and I met last night to regroup after the holidays and get in gear for what's to come this year. We spent some time reflecting about how we've grown as artists, about our partnership, and about where we're going. I realized that the connect the dots blog has been going for a year now - it started as a wonky, jumbled documentation of "look I made this" and "look I made that" and has developed into a space for documentation of not only pieces but growth, as well as reflection and sharing ideas. I hope that it will continue to develop and grow in 2010.

Adj and I each made lists of 10 things we want to do in 2010.

Carole Ann:

1. Complete a quilt.

2. Get the Etsy site up and running.

3. Learn how to take more awesome photos of my work.

4. Start regularly commenting on other people's blogs.

5. Put together an art portfolio.

6. Market my work to a gallery or shop.

7. Make a dress.

8. Build etsy inventory.

9. Donate pieces to at least three fundraising initiatives.

10. Participate in a holiday craft sale.


1. Get Etsy site up and running.

2. Exhibit once a month.

3. Create a spreadsheet for naming/tracking pieces and finances.

4. Take a RISD Continuing Ed class in photography.

5. Take an AS220 print shop class in screen printing.

6. Donate to arts-related charities.

7. Become more skilled at soldering.

8. Have 20 conversations with people about what it means to be an artist (with artists, non artists, anyone!).

9. Find a venue for teaching art.

10. Find ways to get donations of recycled items (ties, silverware, etc.).

The great thing about putting this out into the world is that we'll hold each other accountable for these goals, and we hope you'll hold us accountable too.

We're wondering - what's on your list?


  1. I have 52 things I'm planning to do some crafty some not. http://katajone.blogspot.com/2010/01/2010-52.html

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing guys! Here are mine:

    Goals for 2010:
    -Join at least one Art Association or Artist League
    -Exhibit in at least one art show
    -Exhibit in at least one craft fair
    -Get at Etsy store up and running
    -Visit galleries and museums more frequently
    -I like your donation idea! That'll be a goal also

    Goals for 2011:
    -Have a solo exhibition somewhere for my art
    -Teach at least one workshop
    -Consign my scarves somewhere local
    -Learn at least one new technique, there are lots I want to try... encaustic, welding, letterpress, calligraphy... ohhh decisions!!

  3. Hey kids,

    Check this link. It is pretty much just reinforcing what I said before about commenting on blogs, but also included some other helpful hints. Plus, I really like the blog in general.


  4. http://providence.craigslist.org/ats/1549081394.html

  5. Thanks for sharing the goals, and Joanna thanks for the tip about the marketplace. I signed up today!

  6. Hoorayyy!!! I'll just be getting back, so you'll have to let me know how it goes!!! :)


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