Another package & a crafty challenge

I unplugged for the past few days, taking a break to head up to my parents' house in Vermont - I got to see my dad for his birthday, to enjoy the back porch, and to be around some trees and quiet for a while. I intentionally left my computer back in Providence, and only missed it a little. It. was. wonderful.

But I came home today to something wonderful, too - a package, from Larry in Miami, Florida. I met Larry at the Indie Arts Fest a few weeks ago - he was checking out my booth and we started talking about all of the recycled materials that I use to make my creations. He told me he's been saving his coffee bags for months and months for the same reasons that I started saving up all of my milk and juice cartons: because they're colorful and sturdy and I know I can make something out of them...but what?

So he sent me a huge box of coffee bags (like 30+) and a challenge to create something out of them. And I love a good recycling/crafting challenge! Thanks, Larry!

I'm ready to start experimenting, and I'll put together a prototype for something soon. What do you think I should make?


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