The 100 mark and an exciting announcement!

This past week, something clicked and Connect the Dots hit a special kind of stride. I launched my etsy shop, passed the mark of writing my 100th post, and the facebook fan page officially grew to more than 100 fans!

I am truly overwhelmed with excitement! My blog has grown from one loyal reader (love you, mom!) to lots of visitors from all around the world; from a hobby to something that I devote a significant amount of time, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit to; from me photographing and keeping track of my creations for my own enjoyment to sharing reflections, tutorials, and encouragement with the larger creative community.

Last week, I realized that the purpose of Connect the Dots has a new facet. I found myself running into friends and it seemed that at some point in every conversation, they would say: "I've been following your blog..." and "...I want to try making that thing..." or "I have to check out that indie biz resource..." or "I really like the idea about..." etc. And then I got this very sweet note from Sandy C. in my email:
"I met you at an art festival in Providence and have been following you since then. You inspire me to be creative everyday even on the days when being creative is last on the list. Sometimes that can be lost in the hurried world we live in, so thanks!!!!!"
Sandy, I am so touched by your note! I am so thrilled that this space is giving others inspiration and serving as a reminder of the importance of being creative!

All of the encouragement I've been getting from readers and friends has helped me to have the confidence to stick my neck out in promoting myself, my work, and my passion for creating in ways that I may not have otherwise.

This past month, I applied to be included in the 2010 Brown Alumni Magazine Holiday Gift Guide - a beautiful and funky collection of neat holiday gifts created and produced by Brown alumni. And I found out last week that I was accepted!

My work will be professionally photographed and featured in the November/December 2010 issue of this international publication that goes out in print to lots and lots of people, and is available to everyone online!

{ a peek at a page from last year's gift guide }

So, dear readers:
a) Thank you so much for all of your encouragement!
b) Keep an eye out for the issue's release! I'll be sure to share it here and on the facebook fan page!
c) If you or anyone you know cleans out their closet and has men's button down shirts that they'd like to donate to this crafty gal, please let me know! I need to get crackin' on some inventory!

Thank you again and stay creative!


  1. Congrats CA!! You really are an inspiration :)

  2. Carole Anne that is awesome!!! Congratulations and yes, you are a creative force.


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