Being Green

I've been slowly over time compiling my own set of dishes - all mis-matched, goodwill/thrift store finds in varying shades of solid green. Over the weekend, Ian and I hit up the local goodwill and found quite a few pieces to work towards completing the set.

What I love about not having a matching set of dishes:
  • Each dish has its own distinct character, and it feels special to use any one of them for all different reasons.
  • If I break/chip one, no matter! No need to find the same set and get a specific piece to replace it - I'll just find something new next time I go thrifting.
  • It's fun, funky, and green! There are so many beautiful, lonely plates out there that need rescuing - rather than buying a new set.

Here's to finding more green pieces to complete my set!


  1. Looks like you and Ian had quite a find. You know I'm always looking for green too.

  2. Thanks for being on the lookout, momma!

  3. Carole Ann! I have a collection of Green Bowls too! They are my mixing/salad/chopping bowls. I just love them, and completely agree - they have a character all of their own. :)


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