Field Trip: Lorraine's Fabrics

Last weekend, my friend Alice and I went for a field trip to Lorraine's Fabrics in Pawtucket, RI. Rhode Island has a rich history in textile mills and the fabric industry - unfortunately, Lorraine's is one of the last steads of this history. But it. is. amazing!

There are two floors with a huge selection of apparel fabrics, home decor & upholstery weight, cottons...everything. But the best part is....

The bargain loft: everything on the second floor is $2.00/yard. I say it again: $2.00 PER YARD!!!!

There's a lot of random stuff up there - like this kind of creepy poo brown clown fabric - but that's what makes it so fun. A trip to Lorraine's is always a bit of a treasure hunt/adventure. Between the the mature gray and pink floral with random little bunnies print and the "2000 - the millennium" print, there are some fabulous finds...

...and here are mine. My coworkers from the Museum gave me a gift certificate to Lorraine's as a goodbye gift when I started my new job - they know me so well! So I had a bit of a shopping spree on some jersey fabric to make a couple of dresses (!), denim and bias tape for aprons, belt buckles, some baby ABC fabric for bibs and such, and a little gift for my sewing machine, Silas, too - a brush to keep him nice and clean! It's the least I can do for how much and how often I use him...

Visit Lorraine's for yourself at 593 Mineral Spring Avenue, Pawtucket, RI!

Your turn: What is your favorite fabric store (online or in person) and what makes it so wonderful?


  1. I've been to Lorraine's and you're right - it's quite a place! Make sure you have lots of time to browse and who know's what you'll find.
    You knew it was coming - my favorite! Country Treasures in Chester, Vermont. Believe me, if you can't find the fabric you want there, they don't make it! Bolts of fabric are arranged by color throughout the store. It's never ending. We're always attracted to the novelty fabric corner. Come to think of it, I was looking for fabric with kayaks and they didn't have it. Well it's a good reason to keep going back to check:)

  2. Oh yes, Country Treasures comes in as a close second for me. We'll have some take some photos next time we visit and share them here!

  3. I heard about Lorraine's from an another mom at my daughter's dance studio. Does Lorraine's carry quilting fabric?

  4. Yes they do! There's a small selection downstairs, and a large and random selection upstairs. Not a great place to look for something specific, but it's a wonderful place to find the unexpected!


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