Shirt Cuff Luggage Tags

Since I started making aprons out of men's button-up shirts, I've been holding onto the parts of the shirts that I don't use for aprons - the sleeves, collars, and cuffs - hoping that I'd eventually find some way to transform them into something useful. I think of it as "using every part of the buffalo" - if I'm truly going to transform a shirt, I need to use every part of it I possibly can.

So the shirt cuffs sat next to my sewing machine for a month or two before I dreamt up these Shirt Cuff Luggage Tags.

I love how each shirt has its own personality when coupled with the vintage bias tape straps.

They also solve the problem of trying to spot your luggage from afar since they're so bright and distinctive.

And let's face it: aren't man gifts always the hardest? I think dads and brothers would look classy with one of these on their suitcase.

Pick one up in my
Etsy Shop, or in person at Kreatelier or River's Edge Flowers and Gifts!

And if a man in your life cleans out his closet (thanks big brother for supplying me with a steady stream!) I'd be so delighted if you'd send them my way!

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