Wardrobe Revamp Week 7: Take Two

Welcome to the real week 7 of my quest to revamp my wardrobe one outfit at a time, one week at a time. Last week I had a wrestling match with my project into the wee hours, so I decided to revamp my bedtime and postpone the project to this week! So here I am - picking up my quest to grown-up-ify my clothing, and have every outfit include something I created myself.

I started with this cute little number. I picked it up from my friend Kerrie at a recent clothing swap.

Unfortunately, it had a couple of stains that didn't come out in the wash. So in order to make it wearable, it needed to be transformed. My favorite part about the dress is the top - how the sleeves and the shirred bust combine. So I cut off the bottom of the dress, just above the stain, and added a whole new bottom with some teal jersey fabric that I picked up last week at Lorraine's.

It was harder than I thought. Hence, the struggle into the night. I think I took it apart and re-sewed it about four times - jersey fabric plus shirred top = wonky.

Even now, I can see about 18 things that aren't quite right about it. But isn't that always how it is? When you're so close in the creating process, you can see everywhere that you went wrong.

But I've decided to make peace with it. Even if I can see imperfections, I'm not sure if the world can tell. Besides, failure is part of learning.

On its own, it's not quite a grown-up outfit - but I dressed it up for work today with a fancy black sweater, earrings, and heels. It's all about owning it.

Have you made something that wasn't quite perfect? Did you move past the imperfections?


  1. I saw you in that outfit, and you looked quite professional! So creative! :)

  2. i always make things that arent perfect but i love them anyway lol. my bunny rabbit plush still has no eyes and lives in a drawer

  3. Claire, that's so funny - I also have an imperfect bunny plush that lives in a drawer!


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