Wardrobe Revamp Week 9: ANOTHER Dress!

{ my second dress from scratch! }

I was definitely excited after making a dress for last week's revamp, and encouraged by your supportive response, so I tackled another pattern this weekend. This one was a little more complicated, but still a good beginner pattern. I took my first odyssey into the "fashion fabrics" section at Jo-Ann's. Ooooo! I chose this surprisingly and uncharacteristically bold print. I think Project Runway is finally taking effect, because this choice was totally Mondo-inspired! (Any other Mondo-lovers out there?)

It was a for real pattern - like, print out tons of pages and tape 'em all together, mark sizes and whatnot situation. It's kind of like a whole new language to learn. I need to remind myself to not be afraid and be patient with myself during this learning process. While I was cutting & sewing, I kept repeating out loud: "Slow and steady wins the race." No use rushing through - it will only lead to mistakes and frustration!!

I found the pattern through this really wonderful blog called Grosgrain. Kathleen, the author, takes on dress patterns in something called "A Frock by Friday" - you can sew along with her for a few days of the week and have a finished garment by Friday! I love that she helps shed light on the crazy different language of patterns with photos and further explanation. I've always found it too intimidating to work just from a pattern because I'm a visual learner and find them confusing. So she's a translator of sorts.

And Callie was a big help, too, as usual.

I wore the dress last night to a big event at work - check out that official nametag!

{ unwinding after the event }

I am so proud of myself! For being ambitious enough to tackle this, for making the garment from scratch, for choosing such a bold print. Wahoo! Thanks for your encouragement!


  1. Love it! You did a great job - definitely a Mondo inspired print. He'd be proud :)

  2. Carole Ann!! This is SOOO pretty! I wouldn't even have the guts to TRY to tackle a sewing project! And you did it with perfection! Great job!

  3. This is so great! The bold print and the cut are fabulous! You have inspired me to try to make a garment from scratch! You are so great Carole Ann!

  4. Yay! Thanks all for your encouragement! And Natalie, so glad that you're tackling your own - be sure to send me photos...I want to see it!


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