My Tape Measure

When I was a kid, I performed at a community theater every summer. As I got older I took on different roles at the theater, and at age 13 I was an intern for the summer. I was assigned to assist Viv, the theater's costume designer. I always thought that Viv was so magical - we'd all line up for fittings, and she'd be taking notes, thoughtful, wearing a tape measure around her neck. A week or two later, she'd return with elaborate costumes that she created herself. As her intern, I did a lot of ironing and laundering, and not any sewing (that was the magic part that she did at home). She was quiet, sort of pensive, and so talented. I was so inspired by her.

I was thinking of her a couple of weeks ago when I was making my dresses - I found myself wearing the tape measure around my neck. I sort of laughed to myself, remembering how magical I thought she was, and how her wearing the tape measure around her neck was kind of a symbol of that. It's been quite a few years, and I still haven't forgotten.

How did a creative adult inspire you when you were younger?

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