I have a new routine that I'm trying out: each night, I shut down my computer by 8pm.

At first, it was hard. I'm a chronic multi-tasker, and it feels so wrong to not be online while doing a bunch of other things at once.

But now I love it. It feels like a really healthy choice.

Of course, I could entertain myself online constantly - updating the blog and facebook, reading crafting articles, and searching for inspiration. But that doesn't mean I have to.

Nope, but I have to give my mind a rest, and give Ian some real quality time.


  1. lol! I cant go on the computer after dinner normally.. im up all night otherwise...

    stupid insomnia!! i just think about the most random things!

  2. I love it and I think that is soooo important! I need to work on doing a little unplugging myself! :)

  3. I used to do this thing called an Information Fast. No internet, no television (easy, since I didn't have one), no movies, no magazines, no newspapers, no books, no phone calls. Nothing. I'd do it for at least a day & occasionally a weekend. I would spend the time making arts&crafts, cleaning, going for long walks, and writing. (Information out was okay, but nothing in, haha!) It was great. It was easy to do those when I lived alone, except my friends thought I was nutty. (I am, so, oh well.)

  4. It's crazy how HARD that sounds, Moira. It's almost like torture for some people!


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