Christmas Memories Tree Skirt

For Christmas this year, my family did something a little bit different. Following up from last year's "gifts from the heart" - handwritten notes - we each brought one gift that we could all enjoy while we were together - food, drink, games, movies...and it was great. I've been dying to reveal my gift to the fam for forever, since I made it back in August when I was surprisingly feeling Christmasy.
Last year, I had my family write Christmas memories, and we all talked about the history and traditions in our family. I collected each notecard of memories written in each person's distinctive handwriting, and I knew I had to do something with them...

Here it is! A tree skirt!

It's my own design, inspired by the "little forest quilt" I found here. I scanned each notecard into my computer, enlarged them, and printed them out on iron-on fabric. Tah dah!

Here is my grandpa's memory: "I remember my first electric train! It had a loud horn."

And my grandma's: "I remember midnight mass on Christmas Eve when Pete came home from the war and gave me my engagement ring. He was so cute with his look."

I was so excited to give this to my family as something that we'll hold on to forever. And it looks great under the tree!


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  1. I just knew they would love it! Something to treasure forever and pass down to future generations. So sentimental. Happy New Year
    Mary Jane


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