Holiday Gift Guide: Prints by Jean Cozzens

The holiday season is upon us, and I'm creating a list of my own picks for great holiday gifts for giving - each Friday I feature a creation by a local Rhode Island artist that is bound to suit someone on your list! We might be the tiniest state, but we've got a whole lot of talent! Check out previous posts here.

This week: screen prints by Providence native Jean Cozzens. I first met Jean when he commissioned me to make two custom aprons for selling his prints at art sales. Even before we'd met, I'd been drooling over his distinctive prints that are absolutely iconic of Providence, but would look beautiful on any wall anywhere in the world.

"Neighborhood" - 15.5" x 28" two-color screen print on brown paper.

My friend Sarah has this print hanging in her living room, and it's so warm and charming that I find myself drawn to it each time I'm in her house. Wouldn't you love this little neighborhood in your home? Er, I mean, to give to someone as a gift?
"My name is Jean Cozzens — I'm a printer, designer, carpenter, artist, and teacher living & working in Providence, Rhode Island. I think a lot about cities, buildings, and spaces, the organization of power, letterforms, gender expression, graphics, light and shadows, non-hierarchical projects, hand-craftsmanship, control, love, independence, rubylith, baking bread, construction details, and how to make awesomeness happen in the world." - Jean

You can purchase one of Jean's prints in the shop section of the Secret Door Projects website.


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