2011 Goals

I've been writing and thinking all month about my goals for 2011. I've started out with three guiding statements:
In addition to these broad statements, I have a few specific things in mind. And since I felt really great about checking off my 10 things to do in 2010, I figured I'd keep the ball rolling and lay out 11 things to do in 2011:

1. Compile a book of my patterns and projects
This way, I'll be able to remember exactly how I made certain designs when I revisit them weeks or months later.

2. Write a revised business plan
A couple of years ago, I had a "manifesto" about what Connect the Dots should be. This year, I want to update this and make it a more complete business plan.

3. Write a guest post on another blog

4. Make more Art
As in, not craft, but Art. And while I'm at it, I should try to figure out more about what the difference is between Art and craft.

5. Go to a summer school of craft

6. Open a bank account for my business

7. Be part of a quilt show

8. More awesome giveaways
As in, I'll be doing more, and encouraging more participation in those giveaways through my blog, facebook, email list, etc.

9. More tutorials
I'm taking requests! Let me know what kinds of projects you'd like to learn about - sewing, crafting, or blogging related.

10. Engage my blog readers in a conversation
I'm aiming for more two-way interactions, for more opportunities to get feedback from readers and exchange ideas about being creative.

11. Choose a loose monthly theme/focus for blog content
So far - January has been about goals and resolutions. Check out Friday's Gallery post to find out February's theme.

I'm counting on you, dear reader, to hold me accountable to my goals! So ask me about them, check in on me, encourage me, and share your goals with me in the comments below - I'll be sure to do the same for you!



  1. I want to know what the difference between art and craft is, too :) when you figure that one out, let us know!

  2. I did the same thing for 2011...11 goals to accomplish. Some of them deal with projects and my new blog, others are more personal (like learning to make sushi...yum!). Your goals sound great and I can't wait to hear how they are coming along! Good Luck!

  3. ambitious as always, yet totally doable I'm sure of it! you (actually we) should go to the john c campbell folk school. it is an amazing place.
    -Rachel P


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