Annie's Bunny Quilt

Confession: I'm in love! I created this baby quilt over the weekend, and can't stop looking at it.

I recently found out that my cousin Annie is going to have a baby. She's single and excited about becoming a mother so she did a very brave thing and decided to make it happen with the help of modern science. It's a very surprising choice in my super conservative family, but everyone has taken the news rather well and is excited to support her. I wanted to do my part by making something sweet to wrap her little one in.

Ian gave me a bag of scrap vintage fabrics for Christmas, and the various bunny and carrot fabrics inspired the rest of my fabric scrap choices. They're so cute!

I tried a couple of completely new things with this quilt: the first was starting without a plan. This was an improvised pattern, inspired by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson's method here. It was fun to just kind of find my way along, to make decisions as I went, and to not know what the final result would look like.

The second new thing I tried was free-motion quilting. Free motion quilting is different from quilting in straight lines, which is what I've done up to this point. It's like free-form drawing with the sewing machine. See these swirly-whirlies? I was really scared to do it - what if I messed up and ruined all of my hard work? But I found that once I got going, it was kind of fun, and when you stand back and look at it as a whole it looks pretty good!

Since this quilt is for family, it got a super special tag.

I'm excited just thinking about the special little one who will be wrapped in this bunny quilt, but I'm going to have a hard time parting with it! Oh well, guess I'll just have to start on my next quilt...

Have you ever made something that you loved so much it was hard to part with it?



  1. I love the mish-mash of shapes!! And, planned or not, I like the fact that some of the orange sections came out looking like abstract carrots :-) Too cute, I'm sure your cousin and little one will love it.

  2. Now I understand why you love it so much! It came out sooo good! you never cease to amazing Carole Ann! <3 ( Stephanie =D )

  3. Carole Ann, this is so beautiful! I can't believe it happened so fast... you are amazing.


  4. SOOO ADORABLE!!! I absolutely love it! I'm amazed by it. Especially because I don't know a thing about quilting. I'd imagine this would take someone MONTHS to make!! Congratulations to your cousin as well! How exciting!

  5. This is awesome! I love that it isn't like a traditional baby quilt that hits you over the head with baby stuff, but it still has adorable little details (like the bunnies!). I would be psyched to get a quilt like this for my baby if I ever had one :).


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