Gallery: Resolve

In 2011, I'm planning a new blog series. Each Friday, I will curate a collection of themed finds from Etsy. Think of it as some weekly eye candy. I'll choose a theme each month and run with it. Be sure to check back on Fridays to see my collections!

January's theme is New Year's Resolutions. In the coming weeks, I'll create treasuries centered around my resolutions.

To start, here are some things to help you in your resolutions:

1. Resolutions for Artists by Citrus Tree

2. Fortune Scarf by senotees

3. 2011 Calendar Planner Book by sande74

4. New Years Resolution Pot by tigerbee

5. Resolution Coaster Set by luckybeepress

6. Customizable New Year's Resolution Vintage Eye Chart by bexpert

7. Customized New Year's Resolution Mug by myworldlycloset

8. A New Leaf "Start Fresh" Stamped Disc Pendant Necklace by kvossdesigns

9. Resolution Red Shimmer Tile by 26MileStones

10. New Year's Resolutions Wood Mini Notepad by quotesandnotes

11. Dare to Begin Letterpress Print by happydeliveries

12. New Year's Resolution Personalized Notepads (set of 3) by kzieglerdesigns



  1. Carole Ann this is such a great idea but incredibly dangerous to someone like me. You see...even though I JUST started an etsy shop I try with all my might to avoid browsing etsy. Because by the time I'm done browsing I've waisted about 2 hours of my time...and probably close to 150$. Etsy has way too many beautiful things on it and I am tempted to by it all :( You see just viewing your images I already saw 6 things I'd want to buy!! How can you resist?!

  2. I know - Etsy is so beautiful and inspiring and it's easy to get sucked in! Sometimes I just can't resist!

  3. cool finds. I can't wait to see what's next!

  4. ive done this too! Only updating on my progress :P try and keep myself on track!


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