This is Awesome: A Little Note

My friend Sarah sent this email about her baby boy, Grayson, and the quilt that I made for him:
Grayson just played his new favorite game for the past 15 minutes while I was catching email. Can you guess...? I face him towards the back of our futon and he stares at your quilt! The looks he gives as he moves from one color to the next is like watching someone seeing an intense action/thriller movie. Then when he finds pink he squeals, every time! I love love having a such a beautiful creation of yours in my home. I didn't expect though for it to be entertainment! :)
Who doesn't love getting these kinds of little notes among all of the logistic-y emails in our inboxes?

Have you gotten or sent a little note of affirmation recently?


1 comment:

  1. dude. Me and Grayson play this game all. the. time. I have been meaning to mention it...


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