This is Awesome: Snow Day!

We're having a snow day here in Providence, so I got to stay home in my pjs today!

I exercised a different creative muscle by making this super fancy tuna sandwich from my new Vermont cookbook that I got for Christmas.

And even more awesome - instead of going to two meetings tonight, I'm making breakfast for dinner!

What's your favorite thing to do on a snow day?



  1. Just stumbled across your blog today via Google Reader and thought I'd comment since I'm looking out the window at the same snow storm from up in Warren. Your sandwich looks yummy!

    My favorite parts of today so far have been homemade espresso and some time with a guitar. :-)


  2. Tara - so glad you found me, and so glad you're enjoying your snow day, too!

  3. Made some popcorn and then after shoveling drank some champagne! A snowday celebration!


  4. Can you guess?! KNITTING! That's my favorite thing to do any day! Especially on a snow day in front of a nice warm fire! I also love to clean the house on a snow day. Seeing as how it's a good excuse to stay in! I don't feel so guilty spending my WHOLE entire day inside when there's 2 ft of snow on the ground!

  5. breakfast for dinner! what?! are you mad?!


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