A final post on color (and blues)

Confession: I've been in a rut lately.  Winter blues have set in - I feel exhausted, moody, bored, a little lost. 

I've been carrying on here - noticing color, posting regularly, dreaming up new things to create.  But have you noticed that I didn't make as much as I usually do this month?  I haven't had the energy to execute.

I've been holding my blues close to my heart instead of posting about them, both because I aim to always be positive here and because I wasn't sure what to make of them yet.

But I can feel myself coming out the other side of this now, and I've come to realize that ruts happen.  They're part of the creative process, and they're part of life.  And getting into a rut is how I know it's time to reevaluate, make some changes, start fresh.

Instead of creating this month, I've systematically been cleaning each room in my apartment.  Purging, organizing, and simplifying are sometimes essential to the creative process.  Preparing the stage to create.  I cleaned my bedroom, my living room, and my sewing room (I think it's the cleanest it's ever been!).  

This weekend, I brought the same energy to cleaning up my blog. Purging, organizing, simplifying.  More white space.  Ahhh.  What do you think?  The new design is helping me to feel reinvigorated, ready to close out this month of color study and blues and have a fresh start in March.

Have you been in a creative rut?  How did you get out?



  1. Hey, I don't know if this is because of the redesign or what, but I can't figure out how to search your blog! I thought you'd taken Indie Business 2.0 so I was trying to find your post(s) about it, since I'm thinking about if signing up if a good idea for me.

    Re: being in a rut, lots of artists and writers experience periods of lulls between periods of intense creativity. I think the lulls give you a chance to mentally relax, process, and start planning what's next. plus, this winter has been ROUGH!

  2. Hey Moira - I added a search box to the right, so search away! And I strongly encourage you to sign up for Indie 3.0!!!

  3. Don't worry too much about those darn winter blues! This winter sure has seemed extra long...but just think of all the new inspiration you have now: the combination of cool whites and blues, the sun shining off the snow, stark color contrasts... I'm sure you will come out of your rut with so much inspiration you won't be able to keep up!

  4. i like your new layout! And those colours are fab :D


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