This is Awesome: Multiplying

A couple of readers have contacted me this past week about how they're starting their own creative blogs. I'm so thrilled that there's more creativity buzzing out there, and that I may have played a small part in inspiring some bloggers to get started.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a list of blogs have sprung up from some of my readers:
  • The Old Bags - Sandy just started her blog, and so far I'm loving the adorable teensy weensy knits that she creates
  • Midwest Nutmeg - like me, Karen is a non-profit go-to-gal by day, and a creator by night
  • Tall Lark or Winsome? - my friend Ben just started this blog, and he is a hilarious, witty, creative dude
  • Ars Longa Vita Brevis - history teacher, knitter and sewing-machine lover Erica writes about her creations and their connections to her family and family history
  • Big Girl Feats - Erin writes about eats and feats, including her recent journey in dealing with thyroid cancer - I love how her personality really shines through in her writing
  • Joy in My Studio - a look into Joanna's studio, a super-talented silk painter
  • Crafty Moira @ Literary Tease - crafty Moira shares recipes, tips for etsy sellers, and musings about teaching art
  • Learned Curiosity - Adj is documenting a self-designed and run liberal arts education

Anybody else out there? What's your blog called, and what do you write about?



  1. And you thought you were being a laser beam! It sounds like you have been a pretty bright light bulb without even knowing it. Thanks for all the inspiration, and for the listing of other new bloggers...I can't wait to start following some others who are just starting out :-)

  2. Great links! Thanks for posting.


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