The Classic

Last week, my trusty iron died.  I spent hours and hours checking out new ones on amazon.  It's amazing how many there are, and how many reviews, and how many little things people complain about for each one...it was nearly impossible to choose!  Reviews are so helpful, but also SO confusing!

After an hour and a half of shopping, I chose on the basis of cuteness:  "The Classic" from Black & Decker

Isn't it sooo shiny and cute?  Not overly plastic, it doesn't look like a crazy alien like some of the more modern ones.  I feel so retro using it, and it makes sewing all the more fun.  

And to get free shipping, I added on this guy: 200 Quilting Tips, Techniques, & Trade Secrets by Susan Briscoe.  Bedtime reading for the next few weeks: check!

I am such a nerd!


  1. A good iron is key...and yes, it is super cute! As my sister says, you are not a nerd, you just enjoy "getting your geek on." Have fun with the new book!

  2. I DO love to get my geek on! So lucky to have a community of wonderful creatives folks like you, Sandy and Karen, to cheer me on!


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