Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Last week was the reception for the Crossing Currents: Feminism Now Exhibition.  

Here's a look at my piece from the show: a mini quilt I called "Everything But the Kitchen Sink."

Here's the story:  It's no secret that I'm a total groupie of Oh Fransson!  I've been enthralled by Elizabeth and her creative practice.  I was inspired by this quilt that she created through an improv method of planning individual quilt blocks.  So I wanted to try it out for myself.

While eating lunch at work, I sketched a nine square mini quilt with three types of blocks:

I had big dreams of all of the colors I could use to make this quilt, but the reality was that I had less than a week to make it, which meant no time for a trip to the fabric shop.  So, I grabbed what I had on hand - scraps from my Kitchen Window quilt, a piece of left over batting, and vintage ric rac given to me by Ian's grandmother.  I threw everything in - everything but the kitchen sink.....ha....right?

I grouped my fabrics into three stacks, and created blocks A, B, and C from each stack.  And then I put them all together.

I struggled with how to quilt it - I even completely quilted it in a spiral before deciding to pull it out stitch by stitch (sometimes, you just have to) and take a whole new approach.  My friend Sarah pointed out that I shouldn't quilt over the ric rac - it needed to pop.  So I quilted each individual block uniquely, never going over the ric rac, instead of one of those all-around whirly designs.

Tah dah!  It is proudly on display at the URI Feinstein Campus Gallery, 80 Washington Street, Providence, until March 31st.  Go visit and say hi!

Special thanks to my friend Mary Jane for taking some great photos of my work!


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