This is Awesome: Quilting - not just for Grandmas

I'm excited to share that my theme for the month of March is quilting!
It's my newest interest (okay, obsession) of 2011, and I'll admit that it's just about all I think about.

You may think that quilting is just for ladies with gray hair.  And though I do have some grays on my head, I'm here to tell you that it's not.  Modern quilting is, well, modern and fresh!

Take my awesome link of the week - to a post by Ayumi of Pink Penguin about her trip to the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  You HAVE to see the amazing, amazing, photos of quilts that will rock your world.  I literally sat looking at this post, scrolling down and saying "woah....woah....woah...woah..."

Check it out!  And get ready for lots of posts about quilting this month!


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