And the winner is....


For her inspiration, Alyssa submitted this photo she took at the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Maryland:

Since I recently explored some inspirational landscape quilts, I'm excited about giving this scene a shot, and I will (of course) share the result here!

Thank you all so much for entering the contest!  It was so fun to have so many new ideas and inspiration come through, and I have many, many ideas rolling around inside my head.  There will be more contests to come.

Though quilting was the March theme for the blog, perhaps you can tell that I've taken to it in more than a month-long-focus kind of way.  I'm now all quilts all the time!  My friend Erica said to me: "I've noticed that you've shifted focus...or maybe FOUND focus."  And I think I have.  There are so many amazing things that you can do with quilts - landscape designs, modern styles, traditional blocks...I love how they straddle the line between art & craft, tradition & innovation.

So there will be a new blog theme in April (revealed tomorrow!) but you'll see a lot more quilting here, I'm sure. Thanks for all of your encouragement and inspiration!


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