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My friend Moira recently sent me a link to this e-course by Elsie at Red Velvet Art.  She was one of the teachers when I took the Indie Biz 2.0 e-course last year and my experience with that course leads me to believe that the $32.00 to take the Blog Love E-course is well worth it.

Blog Love is my newest e-course. I love blogging, but never would have expected that it could become such a big part of my career! I spent the past month compiling tips, stories and ideas for young bloggers. This course was written with new bloggers in mind, but it goes way beyond simply 'getting started'.

It's a go-at-your-own pace course that covers finding your voice, increasing readership, stats, taking great photos, networking, branding, and much more.

Visit the Red Velvet Art e-course page to purchase the class.  And leave a comment here if you plan to take it - I'm thinking of diving in, too, so we can compare notes and ideas!

Thanks for sending this my way, Moira!



  1. there are a lot better free blogging tips courses around.

    Through pro blogger
    laura roeder

    gutted i spent money on that blog love ecourse cuz people keep recommending it despite the fact that everything is available free from more succesful bloggers!

  2. Thanks for the inside scoop, Claire!


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