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Part of having a blog that can be either really exciting or really daunting is the fact that you can tweak and customize how it looks until the cows come home.  

After two years of blogging here I've changed the look of the page quite a few times - varying columns, what's in the side bar, fonts, colors, background...and my content has also changed from "I made this" and "I made that" to reflections, features, series...

The thing about a blog is that it's always changing, never finished.  I hesitated for a long time before starting my blog because I wanted it to look a certain way and I wanted to really know what I was going to be writing about.  But I realized that you have to start somewhere, so I just started and allowed it to evolve over time.

My friend Julianne entered this mantra into the mini quilt giveaway:

"I am part of a process.  I am not failing.  I am evolving."  

She's using this mantra as she writes her masters thesis, but I think it really applies to how I've approached blogging.  I think it took about a year and a half before I felt like the content and look of my blog were really in a good place.  And even then, of course, the evolution wasn't over.  I've grown to really love the process, and how it has paralleled and documented my journey as an artist.

At this moment in time, I like how the blog looks, but I'm sure I'll see something someone else has on their blog sometime soon, and I'll want to figure out how to tweak my page to have the same feature. 

How has your blog evolved since you started it?



  1. So true. I feel like I need to have everything fixed or changed or whatever on my blog NOW, but it's really about the process. Thanks for that reminder.

    Can't wait to read tomorrow's post! ;)

  2. I'm glad to hear that you did the same thing I did...put off starting your blog until the idea in your head was just "perfect." Thanks for the reminder that blogs aren't set in stone, and just because it was started in one direction, doesn't mean it can't change!!!


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