Field Trip | Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

My friends, if I ever disappear from the face of the earth, let it be known where you can find me: I've been swallowed by the black hole of my own personal heaven: the Waterwheel House Quilt Shop in Londonderry, Vermont.

I discovered it on a trip home over the weekend. From the moment we pulled into the driveway, and a sweet, sweet goldren retriever named Gracie came out to greet us, I felt right at home.

This is a modern quilt shop, which makes it different from other country-type quilt shops.  Check out this definition of modern quilting to get the full gist.  Just my style!

Lots and lots of bright, modern fabrics - a whole section just of dots!  It was agonizing but wonderful to choose what to take home with me.

I said to the owner, Shelley, "I know I'm in the right place when I recognize this quilt pattern - it's Rectangle Squared from one of my favorite blogs, Film in the Fridge!"

We talked about all of our favorite quilt blogs, and then Shelley said, "Too bad you don't live here - I'd offer you a job." To which I replied, "Don't tempt me!" Seriously...

Here's a peek at the work room. Le sigh. Like I said, if I disappear...



  1. AWESOME!! So, which ones did you end up choosing?? :-p

  2. Oh wow, that does look like heaven for you! :)

  3. oh man! the dots!!! that's only about an hour and a half away from here...although I have noticed there are a LOT of quilt and knitting shops in vermont!


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