House Warming Quilt

My friend Deb is leaving Providence next week to move to Brooklyn with her girlfriend. We've had lunch together frequently as she's been planning her move, and I know she's been dreaming about her new place, and about making a home for the two of them together in the same city for the first time. I wanted to send her off with a small tolken of gratitude for her friendship, good talks, and great lunches.

I went back to the color palette she had inspired back in February - yellow, black, and cranberry - and tried out hand-quilting on a small scale by stitching around each letter.

I hope this little wall hanging will find help Deb and Ann feel right at home!

I'll miss you, Deb!  Safe travels and happy new home!



  1. Great Job!!! The best part of making something is giving it away.

  2. Agreed, Sandy - I love delivering my creations!

  3. That is a wonderful going-away gift!

  4. I love when you can give a truly personal gift, they are always the best kind!

    I was looking at some books today and saw this one that made me think of you, and your love of reading and quilting. It is called "Quilting: The Fabric of Everyday Life." I thought I would send along the suggestion!

  5. OooOoo thanks for the recommendation! I'm checking it out of the library!


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