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I recently came across this article on Balancing the Creative Brain with the Business Brain from Crafting an MBA.

I really identified with the divide between creative brain vs. business brain - I've been thinking about it a lot lately, but I call it experimental vs. entrepreneurial spirit.

For the past few months, I put on the brakes a bit with building my business.  I came to realize, as she says in the article, that I work a lot, and while my tendency is to make everything into work, maybe what I really need is a hobby.  I need to love, enjoy, and find relaxation in my time in my sewing room.  For now at least.

I've been experimenting and learning with quilts this year, and mostly letting my Etsy Shop run itself.  I've decided that I won't sell at any craft fairs this summer, but instead will attend them and find inspiration in them.

Right now I'm enjoying the freedom to explore a new medium, to follow my interests, and to fill my to-do lists with want-to's rather than have-to's...or even not to have a to-do list at all!

I'm sure the entrepreneurial/business brain will return, and when it does, I will follow it.  But for now, I'm enjoying this creative/experimental phase.

Where are you in the great divide?  Is there a divide between creative/business for you?


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