The Fine Art of Recycling

A few weeks ago, I hinted that I was working on a BIG project that involved lots of milk cartons.  Here's the full story:
National Grid, in partnership with the City of Providence and the Environmental Protection Agency, is proud to announce the 'Fine Art of Recycling' art exhibit, designed to encourage citizens to save energy and money by recycling their old refrigerators. Start practicing the fine art of savings today by recycling your old fridge. Then visit all eight decorated refrigerators in downtown Providence. Each refrigerator was given a new life using paint and creativity from local artists.
There are eight fridges total, transformed by local artists and on display around downtown Providence through October.  You can see all of the designs online, and download a walking map at the Saving is an Art Website. You can also vote for your favorite design, and enter to win an energy efficiency gift basket.  Visit the site to vote!

Here's my fridge!   

My sculpture is called "Windmill Whimsy."  Here's some of the thinking that went into my design:
I am a crafter/quilter and I enjoy transforming repurposed materials, vintage notions, and patterned fabric into decorative and beautiful art.  In this piece, instead of using new fabric, I collected colorful, recycled milk and juice cartons and used them as "fabric" - I cut them up and reassembled them into "quilt blocks" covering the fridge.  The quilt blocks are a traditional pattern - a windmill block - which reminds me of the possibilities for renewable energy.   

It's in a great spot - right next to the river downtown!  Stop by and say hi!  And don't forget to place your vote!


  1. you might just be the coolest person I know! awesome!

  2. Yay Congrats CA!! I need to take a walk down to visit your creation. Love the fancy plaque!

    PS - Nominated you for 7 Links on my blog. See for details :)


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