This is Awesome | Find Your Own Voice Challenge

Last week, the Modern Quilt Guild announced their fourth Project Modern Challenge:

Make a quilt that is all you!  Like all of the other challenges, use of other designers’ patterns is not allowed but this time, find your own voice.  Spins on existing techniques, improvisation, fabric manipulation – any and all of it is allowed and encouraged.  Stretch and push yourself to make something that you’ve never made before!  Why not skip using a ruler?  Why not be open to changing your initial plans and ideas along the way?  Innovate!  Make this quilt your voice and yours alone!

And the judge...is Denyse Schmidt, who is like, a really big deal in the quilt world!  

As I've been building my quilting skills, I'm starting to get to the point where I'm really ready to discover my own style.  I've got something in the works already...and I'm really excited about it!  

Are you interested in making a quilt, too?  Or, will you give me feedback on mine along the way?

Photos to come...


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