This is Awesome | "M-provisational" Quilts

I recently came across a wonderful article on The Beautiful Chaos of Improvisational Quilting on Collectors Weekly. Here's a teaser:
What would jazz look like if it had a physical presence? According to Sherry Ann Byrd, a celebrated quilt maker who posts on Show & Tell, it might look something like the hand-made “M-provisational” quilts produced by six generations of her family, who descended from a former slave named Edward “Ned” Titus in Freestone County, Texas.
Like jazz, improvisational quilting is about letting go and seeing where your creativity takes you. “You can’t be uptight when you’re making improvisational quilts,” Byrd says. “You got to just be relaxed, take your time, put the pieces together. If you don’t like them, take them apart and redo them. Don’t be afraid to chop a piece out or add a piece on. That’s what it’s all about. It’s like mixing up a recipe; you just keep at it until you’ve got something beautiful. You can’t be afraid to experiment because that’s what improvisation is all about.”
Beautiful, historic, quirky quilts.  You have to check out the photos.  

Read the full article here.


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