It Almost Feels Like Cheating

So far, my new sewing machine is wonderful (though still without a proper name).  It almost feels like cheating, some things are so easy.

Here are a few of its fabulous features: 

- You can set the machine so that when you stop sewing, the needle will stop in the down position.  This is great when you stop in the middle of something and you don't want the fabric to shift around (especially during free-motion quilting).

- With 99 stitch selections, there is a stitch that automatically tacks back and forth at the beginning and end of whatever you're working on (#90).  

- It has a top-loaded bobbin case, so that you can see when you're about to run out of bobbin thread.  And you don't even need to pull up the bobbin thread before you start sewing!

More features to come...


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