A Final Quilt in 2011

Just in time for the end of the year, I completed another quilt.  This has been a work in progress in my studio for a while now.
This one is a gift for Ian's Grandma. Her husband, Ian's Grandpa, passed away in July. I collected a couple of his articles of clothing (a checkered blue bathrobe, white linen shorts, and his red velvet hood from his doctorate degree).  I cut them up and remixed them here to make a lap quilt for Grandma.

I really love the back of it.  Just like my Super Square Quilt, I kind of think the back might even be prettier than the front.  I should try making my quilt fronts look a little more like my quilt backs.  Something for 2012.

I busted out the super special label - just for Grandma.

I saved the pockets from the bathrobe and shorts and attached them to the back of the quilt...just in case she wants to tuck away some tissues, or reading glasses, or anything else that comes in handy while curling up.

We're having Christmas with her tomorrow.  Can't wait to deliver it!



  1. This is wonderful! I love the sentimentality of it, and it's so beautiful both back and front. Very clever idea adding pockets to the back too! I'm sure she's going to be so touched :).

  2. This is so unbelievably thoughtful, CA. I would definitely cry if I were receiving this from you...maybe you should tuck some of those tissues into the pockets before hand! :).

  3. My mom can't quite get the hang of blog commenting, but as an avid quilter herself she very much admired your handiwork! :)

  4. Your work just keeps getting better and better. Absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Thanks so much everyone - Grandma loved it!


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