A Special Baby Quilt

I've been quiet on the blog lately because I have a lot of secret projects in the works.  But one of those secrets was revealed at a baby shower yesterday!

My modern sampler blocks made it into their final form - a baby quilt for Ian's cousin Katie.

I've come to really love this 38" square size.  It's perfect as a play mat, or a little blankie for a stroller.  (And it's small enough that I can try some new quilting techniques and it's not too hard/intimidating to maneuver in my machine.)

For this quilt, I used my walking foot to quilt parallel diagonal lines that converge in the quilt center. 

After hanging on to it for a couple of months, it was finally time for delivery at the shower yesterday.

Grandma Nita, cousin Katie, and cousin Courtney loved it!

And it wasn't the only handmade hit of the day - Ian's mom also knit a gorgeous baby blanket.  There's no question - this baby will be very, very, loved.

I titled this post "A Special Baby Quilt" - but really, every quilt (especially ones for babies) is special!



  1. love it! What a lucky baby!

  2. Hi Carole Ann! I'm your Dad's cousin from Tennessee. We had such a great visit the other night, and he very proudly showed me this site. Your work is amazing, I'm so impressed! A girl after my own heart. I hope we can meet one day, I love your dad and grandparents. I have lots of stories we could share :-))

    So glad to connect,
    Linda Floyd

  3. Hey Carole Ann! It's Claire, the climate change expert from your group at the Op-Ed Project! Thought I'd check out your website. What great work! You're quite the expert! Can't wait to keep coming back to check out your content. Maybe one day I'll even make a quilt!



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