Rachel's Quilt

Another secret project ready to be revealed!  My dear friend Rachel spent three months traveling in India, and gosh did I miss her while she was off adventuring.  I channeled all of my "Rachel love energy" into making her this quilt.  Now that she has returned (!) she's preparing to head off to Med School in a couple of weeks, and I hope this quilt is just the thing to keep her cozy while she studies - and, more importantly, relaxes!

Quilt front

 Quilt back

 Front pattern: New Wave by Elizabeth Hartman

Back pattern: improv with the leftover pieces of fabric. 

My first shot at "lightning rod" quilting - a la Elizabeth Hartman

Label love. 

Thanks to the fellow members of the RI Modern Quilt Guild for helping me pick the bold orange binding!

There she is - back safe and sound but wiser, tanner, and even more full of love (if that's even possible)!

One more secret project to be revealed by the end of the summer.  Check back for more!



  1. This came out so beautiful! I love what you did on the back of it too, and the color combination is wonderful! Another amazing job my friend! :)

  2. What a lovely gift! It's a great pattern - I should quilt the top I made over a year ago!


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