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my first cathedral window, for the pincushion swap, from this tutorial

Over the weekend, the Rhode Island chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild met for our monthly meeting.  I started the group back in June, and it's one of the weekend activities that I most look forward to.  We had seventeen people in attendance, who all brought projects and tips to share with each other.  This month, we did a pincushion swap - so everyone came away from the meeting with a handmade gift.  

I learn so much from everyone in the group, and always come away from the meetings ready to spend the rest of the weekend in my studio sewing.  

Isn't it lovely to be part of a creative community?  It's like recharging my inspiration battery.  And of course, sharing my own energy and excitement for quilting with others.  



  1. I'll second everything you said, Carole Ann! I love your little cathedral window cushion. Cathedral window is on my bucket list. Hopefully my daughter Tara will be able to attend next month's meeting.

  2. We're so lucky to have you leading the group! You are doing a terrific job and I'm so sad when I can't make it. Your pincushion was my first choice, and I'm not surprised Pat grabbed it first. I'm happy that I came home with the one Mary Beth made. I tried to make a cathedral window block once, maybe 20 years ago, and failed miserably. Maybe it's time to try again! Oh, maybe it cam be a demo or hands-on workshop.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words, ladies! The cathedral window block was super easy - probably because it was just one block, and not a whole quilt made out of them!


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