See ya, 2012!

A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes here in 2012, and I'm finally ready to share them with you.

For me, 2012 was the Year of Transition.

So many pieces of my life shifted and changed.  In the middle of it all, it seemed turbulent, exciting, and often a little scary.  On the other side, well, it all makes perfect sense.

The highlights:
  • Ian and I decided to get engaged (Yes!  Big news!)
  • I explored and shifted my career interests, and enrolled in a program to become a life coach (SO much more on that to come!)
  • I founded a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild in Rhode Island 
  • I (finally) started to think of Providence as home, rather than my childhood home in Vermont
  • I celebrated my *golden* birthday, and turned 27 on the 27th, thus entering my late twenties

Through all of these things, quilting in my studio space has kept me grounded.  I made a whole bunch of quilts throughout the year, each of them was personal and special to me in its own way, and each taught me something new about the quilting process.

[Other notable things that have kept me grounded: Netflix, hot tea, Ian, Callie Cat, and copious amounts of dark chocolate.]

Looking back at my goal for this year was like taking a big, deep breath.  I laid out just one challenge for myself in 2012, rather than a whole list: to place more value on rest, relaxation, and recharging myself.  I (mostly) allowed myself to stray from structure and gave myself permission to take time for myself.  Of course, I always need to grow in this area.  Always.

See ya, 2012.  Though it all turned out right in the end, I'm not sad to see you go.

Up next: what's in store for 2013.  [Hint: it's going to be awesome.]



  1. You are amazing, Carole Ann! Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  2. Thanks so much, ladies! And right back at you BOTH!


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