Connecting the Dots

I always relish an opportunity to make a connection between my "day job" and my creative work outside the office.  It feels good to not think of them as separate and mutually exclusive pursuits, but instead to see myself as a whole person with cohesive threads that run through all of the things I do.

I can be creative at an admin desk job!  I can be inspired by spreadsheets, databases, and press releases!

When a team of fantastic designers unveiled a special logo for my organization's 40th anniversary celebration, it screamed out to me: "Make me into a quilt!"

The modern colors, the triangles, the solids...it was made to be a modern quilt!

Here's the finished quilt, ready to be auctioned off at the event:

I quilted the logo (three connected H's) with straight lines, and the negative space with a swirly free-motion design.

Hidden among the swirls are cursive words that relate to our work - context, narratives, storytelling, democracy...they're like little hidden treasures.

  And, as I like to do, I used up all the scraps on the back.  No leftovers!


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