My Wedding

It's finally time to share some highlights from my wedding in May.

When Ian and I first started our wedding planning process, we talked about what words would describe what we wanted our wedding to be and came up with this description: an intimate, delicious, casual, meaningful, and whimsical celebration of love, family, and community.

We used this as our guiding statement in making the one hundred million decisions that are required in the wedding planning process, and in the end this description permeated every part of the wedding, from our incredibly perfect, unique wedding invitations, to the venue (the perfect mix of Rhode Islandy & Vermonty), to the amazing photos taken by Matt Ferrara Photography.  And of course, the dots - there had to be dots!

Without further ado, I'll let those photos speak for themselves.



  1. You could have added the word Adorable to your guiding statement! I love the colors and the dots. How many miles of garland did you make?

    1. So, so, so many miles of dot garland. And I still have them! What to do with them now....?

  2. Congratulations Carole Ann! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful day. I hope the first few months of married life have treated you well :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures from a wonderful -- and inspiring! -- wedding. Love to you both.

    Lisa J.


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