What a Year!

2013 was a quite a year - I'd say it was even my favorite one yet.  I declared it to be the Year of Love & Gratitude, and was it ever.  Check out some highlights in this fun slideshow

I set out these goals for myself, and accomplished so much personally, professionally, and creatively:
  • Married my sweetie, and planned an amazingly fun wedding!
  • Went on a dream honeymoon!
  • Became an auntie!
  • Became a certified Professional Life Coach!
  • Made a lot of quilts and expanded my horizons in free-motion quilting techniques!
  • Revamp, reinvigorate, and rebrand my blog (in process - coming so soon!)
  • Launch my coaching business (my coaching practice is open for business and I've worked with clients throughout 2013 - but I have yet to mark it with a launch party, which will totally make it feel official - coming soon!)
My word for 2013 was: COURAGE.  I set out to live wholeheartedly, to share myself with the world without being shy or fearful of what others will think.  My mantra was: may I have the courage to show up and let myself be seen.  It was a big moment for me to step into the limelight as "The Bride," to take on a new role and greater responsibility & visibility at work, and to begin showing up as a coach - at networking events and through opportunities that came my way.  I was courageous this year, and though at times I felt vulnerable, nothing but wonderful things have happened - I've felt authentic, I've made friends with like-minded people, and opportunities have opened up to share myself and my passions with others in even more ways.  It's been so exciting.  

None of this would have been possible without the love and support of my team - my husband, friends, book club gang, co-workers, family, fellow quilt guild members, and coaching colleagues.  I am so fortunate to have such an amazing network of incredible people.

The pieces are in place.  2014 will bring everything to the next level.  More on that tomorrow!

Happy New Year!


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