Yay! I'm getting used to this!

I'm getting used to posting every Sunday now...I spend all week thinking about what projects I'll be working on!

This week I finally got to give moni her apron! So cute! Hopefully it will inspire her to bring me a special delivery of those pumpkin-chai cakies I love so much.

I made a passport cover for my favorite travel buddy. I love this fabric! It's so vintagey-delicious. The Chrysler Building, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa - perfect for traveling. The very simple and adorable tutorial is at bunny bum.

I finally got my crafting area all organized!

...And as soon as I cleaned everything up, I was ready to make a mess again! Arielle gave me this awesome pattern for a bomber hat. It's supposed to be made with felted sweaters, but I didn't have any sweaters to felt, and it has been way to cold to walk to the salvation army. Instead, I used an old sweatshirt and pair of flannel pants for the lining.

I'm pretty much never going to take this hat off.

That's it for now...off to bed to get ready for the busiest day of the year at the Museum!

Until next week, happy crafting!

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  1. Hi back! I can't remember how I found your blog, actually. I think I was just browsing through like interests and saw that you like fabric and I thought "huh, I like fabric, too"! I like the template you picked out! Sometimes I have a hard time getting the backgrounds page from "cutest blogs" to load. Love the hat-it looks WARM!


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