let there be light

So many fun projects this week! First off, I found the most amazing blog: One Pretty Thing. There's a daily roundup of delicious projects and I'll never be at a loss of things to work on. One link pointed me towards making my own light box. My pictures have been terrible, so I played around a little with foam core and lights and my camera settings and made this awesome thing. Thanks to Ben for knowing everything there is to know about this good stuff/giving me the lights and a darling tiny tripod.

Steffi says that when people come to the house and ask about it I should tell them it's the incubator for our chickens.

On Monday: delicious tortellini soup from thimble.

On Tuesday: a new cellphone case! I made this pattern up.
(Doesn't the light box make my stuff look so profesh!?!)

On Wednesday: Miles and Sam were here for the LOST premiere, and Miles taught me a little origami.

On Saturday: Adrienne came over for Crafternoon. Every other week she brings over her machine and we work on projects and chat all afternoon. It's great to have a buddy so we can help each other figure out what directions mean/techniques and whatnot. She was working on an amazing corset made out of ties.

I made this fabric flower from sew itzy titzy. But I can't decide if it looks better on Adrienne's sweater, or...

...my roommate Elliott. Isn't he adorable?
(He paid me to say that.)

And as for Sunday: the light box was the big project. Also working on a ruffly cardigan made out of an old t-shirt, but it's not quite done yet and I'm running out of steam. It'll be up next week for sure.

Until then, happy crafting!

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