Baked Goods.

This was a very bake-y week. So much deliciousness happening at my house!

It started off with some banana muffins. Yum!

And then on Thursday my AmeriCorps team came over to bake lots of goodies for our volunteers. This week is school vacation week, and hence our craziest week of the year at the museum. Today we had about 1500 visitors...lots, but not the most I've seen. Still, the baked goods are totally going to help us survive this nutty week! They were baked with love, dancing, hootie, and mia goodness. (Liz, this is your cue to start rapping).

More baking! An especially crazy pie to add to my repertoire: Pumpple Pie. I found the recipe on the kitchn blog. If pumpkin pie and apple pie had a baby, this would be it. I was hesitant at first - if pumpkin plus apple was such a stellar idea, surely it would be everywhere. I've discovered it's a well-kept secret. All kinds of awesome. A perfect Valentine's Day treat!

Then I finally got back to my beloved sewing machine (his name is Silas, and yes, he told me he missed me). I finished the jumper that I started with mom. For the record, patterns are a little scary, but I did okay. Except when I felt like I was on a roll and I sewed the strap right into the bodice...oops! (See sad face above). A few hours later, I was set in the finished product. (See happy face below).

A very tall person took this photo.
Even his camera angles are adorable.
Not sure if I'll actually wear the jumper...it kind of looks like a big bubble. But I'm proud nonetheless. I conquered my fear of patterns and clothing!

...what's next?

Happy crafting!

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