Food, glorious food (and lack thereof)

Pretty much everyone in the state of Rhode Island caught the 24-hour stomach bug this past week - including myself, Elliott, and Steffi. Eating was not much of an option all week...just saltines, jello, and applesauce. So, after waking up on Saturday suddenly feeling hungry, I decided to go absolutely all-out yesterday in the kitchen.

Made Mom's famous three-bean-actually-four-bean salad.

Newly improved banana muffins - this time with walnuts and oats.

To celebrate the start of March, I made two big loaves of the Rooney family Irish Soda bread. It didn't quite come out like Momma's, but it certainly hits the spot.

Also made that turkey squash soup again, and prepped my maple chicken and sweet potato bake for when Emily comes over for dinner tonight. Then I tried my hand at Sara's Mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe. They are chocolatey-delicious, and of course I had to go for the fancy chocolate chips. For cookies, I think I did okay. But I'm going to stick to my standards - soup, muffins, and pie.

And sewing. Made this cute little clutch on Saturday. For some reason I've been dying to put these two fabrics together.

I think the big red button is my favorite part. And also the fact that I figured this out without a pattern! On the first try!

Til next week, happy crafting!

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  1. Thanks for posting those pictures of the chocolate chip cookies Carole Ann. Now I'm hungry.


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