Feelin' Green

Busy week this week! Lots of prep for my first overnight with the girl scouts at the Museum, and then a lot of sleeping to catch up on all the zzzzzz's that didn't happen on Friday night. Found some time today to do some catch-up crafting, a little prep for our St. Patrick's Day bash, and a new project from the book Elliott gave me for Christmas.

Repaired a pair of earrings for Liz at work, and it reminded me that I haven't worked these wallpaper earrings in a year. Yet they've all been hanging on my wall all this time...

Pulled out some green albums (including "A child's introduction to sex" - amazing!) and other green things to decorate the mantle.

And some of my other favorite green things - thread, fabric scraps, yarn, ribbon, and tea bags to decorate the kitchen table.

I'm definitely feeling ready for a party.

Adrienne and I crafternooned today, and I made this cute sewing basket. Once again, loving this fabric! Soon it will be time to go back to VT so I can get some more fat quarters. Oh, and visit M & D.

Hoping for a relaxing week this week - more time for sewing! Happy crafting!

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