Sew tired.

It's been a wacky weekend. Never fully recovered from the overnight with 64 2nd graders at the Museum Friday night. I've been in a rainy, sleepy, grumpy funk all weekend. Finally got the energy to start an art project, and I'm feeling a bit better now that I've produced something. I'm sure the microwave burrito, hot chocolate, full bag of popcorn, half-pint of ben & jerry's, and three episodes of Felicity didn't hurt either.

Finally managed to fuse some plastic bags without burning through them or making a big mess! Thanks to threadbanger for the how-to.

Thought I'd start out with one of those wallets from last week, only with the fused plastic "fabric". I like how it turned out - especially the iparty bag on the inside (Paper goods! Helium!) and how the Target circles accidentally overlapped to make kind of creepy smiley faces on the outside. I think this is a more masculine version of the wallet...I'll save it for Paul at the Museum...I think his birthday is coming up.

Moni inspired me to revisit the mug cozies I made for Christmas presents. This is my very own. There was much debate about the right button to use...too many choices! But I like it. Can't wait to drink my tea in style.

Here's hoping for a Monday morning that's rainy-tired-grumpy-funk-free. Happy Crafting!

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