I've been fighting with my blog for the past two nights, but it finally let me upload some photos this morning. So, a quick post before I jet to work!

Easter baskets for E, Steffi, M&D, and I&L.

I was on such a sugar high after making these (some sampling, of course) that I had to go for a walk at 10pm for an hour!

Finally took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations after my friend Mike in Australia gave me hell for it over skype. Things are looking a bit more springy around here, with some fabric flowers...

...a garland made from all of the Tazo tea tabs that I've been saving up since Christmas, some pastel thread, and some of E's crazy albums. My favorite is "April in Paris."

Then I decided to make an apron for my new friend Joanna. But I didn't have enough fabric! Luckily, Adrienne was here for crafternoon, and pointed out that I could transform this old skirt that doesn't fit.

Ta da!!! So pretty, so springy! I gave it to Joanna yesterday and she said it just made her want to bake brownies.

And then my first quilt. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, it was quite easy. Got some pointers here. These are squares of all of my favorite fabrics. It's going to hang at the head of my bed like a head board.

What a big week! Off to work!

Happy crafting!

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