Clutch clutches

Looking back, I had an incredibly crafty week this week. And yet, I don't feel crafted out at all!

First up, a fabric necklace. I've been meaning to try this out for a while. I found a tutorial from Martha. It was super quick and easy. I'm not much for necklaces, but I think this is really fun.

I got a surprise package from Mom this week with some personalized tags inside! Now everyone I've given gifts to has to bring them back so I can add a tag to them! I stole the apron I made for Christina back before she got back from Europe yesterday. Look how cute!

We went to Merideth and Jesse's house for a 4th of July BBQ. I happened to have some very patriotic fabric laying around, and had no particular plan for it. So I made her a cute string of flags to hang up by her pool.

Loved having an excuse to break out my new ruffle tube top. And of course, I had to craft a dessert to match! (My stellar assistant shown here.)

MMmmmmmMmm cupcakes!

The ruffle top inspired me to explore my box of t-shirts a bit more. I made this sling bag from a cute pink polka-dot tee. Not sure if I'll actually use it, but I think it's cute. Anyone want it?

On Wednesday night I went to Kreatelier on Hope Street for a "Fancy Clutch" sewing workshop. This was one of the things I promised myself I would do with the proceeds from my booth at the art festival. The class was taught by Lisa from Pink Lemonade Boutique, and it was super fun. Choosing the fabric might have been the hardest part, but I settled on this green & brown combo to match the new brown dress I bought. Kate at work told me it was a "clutch clutch."

Lisa had other stuff for sale in the Kreatelier shop, including wristlets with darling little pleats. I asked Lisa about how she goes about making them, and she gave me some tips. I fiddled around today and....

Tah Dah!! I totally created a pleated wristlet! I didn't have any interfacing, so I used an old pair of wool pants to give the bag some heft. I'm so glad that I got a chance to use these lovely vintage fabrics on such a summery, delightful project!

Here's to another crafty week....happy crafting!


  1. Love the green clutch and the wristlet is totally adorable. i'm so glad to have discovered your blog. i have facebook (and a mutual friend who "liked" you) to thank! keep up the fancy work :)


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