Hello, Ginger!

Adrienne stopped by on Friday night with a surprise for me...

My very own dress form!!! I'm so excited to try my hand at some more clothes. First thing's first: she needs a name. Elliott said she needs a sassy redhead name, so we settled on Ginger (Steffi's suggestion).

She was looking so naked and indecent that I had to make something for her to wear. I've been wanting to make a ruffle top from Happy Together. I'm still quite new at the clothing thing...it's harder than bags and holders because it requires adjustments and math according to my measurements. I'm a little rusty on the math stuff...so I had to make some changes as I went along with this. The pattern called for knit fabric, so I pulled from my old t-shirt stash. And I figured, why not make it all patriotic and stuff for the bbq at Merideth's on Saturday?
I totally plan on arriving with a matching dessert.

But it might look better on Ginger...

A tiny project - an eye mask for Ian. Also made out of my old t-shirt stash!

And Ian made me something in return - delicious poached chicken in a white wine lemon dill sauce. YUM. By the end of work today, I was feeling quite hangry (Elliott's term - hungry/angry) so it was just the gourmet trick. Look at this spread! We're making good use of the CSA that Elliott, Steffi and I are sharing from the downtown farmer's market. Mmmm mmmm good. Love Farm Fresh.

Happy crafting!

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